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SAMVA at EGNOS Workshop 2024 in Dublin

SAMVA is pleased to announce its forthcoming participation in the EGNOS Workshop 2024, set to take place in Dublin next week. Organized jointly by ESSP and EUSPA, this esteemed event promises a platform for insightful discussions, engaging presentations, and invaluable networking opportunities within the aviation industry.

Our lead partner, Pildo Labs, will take the stage as a featured speaker, addressing the topic of "EGNOS multimodal applications" specifically "EGNOS adoption in autonomous eVTOL aircrafts." This session will provide attendees with invaluable insights into the diverse applications and potential advancements facilitated by EGNOS technology.

Furthermore, SAMVA will showcase its innovative initiatives through a dedicated booth at the exhibition. Attendees will have the opportunity to learn about SAMVA's demo flights and overarching objectives, as well as engage with our team.

The EGNOS Workshop 2024 serves as a prime opportunity for SAMVA to demonstrate its commitment to advancing navigation systems in the aviation sector. We are excited to contribute to the collective dialogue, foster collaborations, and further propel the industry towards enhanced efficiency and innovation.

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