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SAMVA aims to increase the adoption of EGNOS technology within the provision of rotorcraft services, paving the way towards seamless integration of VTOL autonomous aircraft.


• Achieve operational use of EGNOS within the provision of Helicopter Emergency Medical Services, by implementing first Point-in-Space and Low-Level-Route operation in Spain;

• Enable EGNOS satellite navigation capabilities in autonomous eVTOL, for precise and integer navigation guidance and support of U-Space Airspace integration;

• Demonstrate how current EGNOS Safety-of-Life Service can best support eVTOL urban operations by hybridizing data from on-board sensors;

• Promote the adoption of EGNOS services towards UAM services through the support of key stakeholders from different European cities and regions.

• Deploy first EGNOS services on eVTOL operation at Lleida-Alguaire airport (LEDA), and demonstrate how EGNOS can support UTM (Unmanned aircraft system Traffic Management) tasks for entry into operations;

• Develop, in-flight test and validate an EGNOS RNP flight procedure design criteria based on the specific navigation performance of an autonomous eVTOL passenger capable;

• Evaluate how current EGNOS service could evolve to provide high accuracy integrity values in combination with the Galileo High Accuracy Service; and

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