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First SAMVA Steering Committee Meeting ensure project is on track

On the occasion of the 1st SAMVA Steering Committee meeting, project partners drafted the next steps for EGNOS adoption in aviation. Significant progress has been made on the SAMVA deliverables, ensuring that the project is on track to reach its objectives.

SAMVA project aims to reinforce the use of EGNOS in existing and future copter operations. The project focuses on three types of activities, such as operational implementation of EGNOS-based operations, outfitting of autonomous aircraft, and development of enablers for broader acceptance of EGNOS, particularly within the last AAV (autonomous aerial vehicle) segment. Steady advancement is being made on these activities, as it was shown in the first Steering Committee meeting, which was hosted by ELIANCE, and took place in Sabadell, Spain, on the 28th of March. The primary objective of the meeting was to ensure adherence to targets, budgets, and schedules while evaluating progress.

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